About Salty Fit

HELLO! My name is Erin, I am from Esperance WA, owner of Salty Fit PT.  I am passionate about living a healthy balanced life for my future body. I love swimming in the big blue ocean with my dog Kuta, Stand Up Paddle Boarding & keeping fit and active anyway I can. I love to train outdoors, especially at the beach but also appreciate a good gym session. We need to love and respect our bodies by taking a small amount of time out of our day to exercise or be active.

I have owned my business for over a year and feel that I have accomplished a lot for my self and for others around me. Here a few awesome things....
- Training clients at Plus Fitness gym Esperance
- Teaching classes at TNT Fitness
- Salty Fit singlets and jumpers 
- Running Salty Fit Boot Camps
- Salty Fit Retreats
- Free pop up Boot Camps for mental health awareness
- Completing my ZUU and MetaPWR Certification

I have currently put my business on hold and started an adventure around Australia with my boyfriend and dog Kuta. We are travelling in a green Toyota Tarago and have no plans, just taking it as it comes. So for now my goal is to stay fit whilst travelling and then to show and motivate everyone around me. 

I will be uploading workouts and ways to stay fit while on the road, whether that be short or long term. For me