Staying Fit While Travelling AUSTRALIA

Published on May 12, 2018

Staying fit, strong and motivated on the road… Is it possible? Well I can’t see why not, and I am here to show you how.

Staying Fit While Travelling AUSTRALIA

Staying fit, strong and motivated on the road… Is it possible? Well I can’t see why not, and I am here to show you how.

This post is for any one not wanting to use a gym, or who doesn’t have access to a gym, traveling folks, mums at home, and anyone wanting to try something different from their normal exercise routine. You don’t need any equipment and you don’t need to spend money, but you do need motivation. Finding a workout buddy, setting a goal or even 5 alarms might be helpful in the motivation category. 

If you didn’t already know I am currently in the early days of travelling Australia with my boyfriend Zac and doggo Kuta. I definitely struggled for the first week to wake up and exercise. Maybe it was the many days of constant driving that tired me, or possibly not having an alarm waking me up at 5.00am to get up and go. I had high expectations to wake up and smash out a gnarly session … but let’s be real. I don’t have a job, I have nowhere to be and I’m in chill mode. I didn’t realise this until a week later wondering why my body felt heavy, the workouts were a struggle and motivation was nearly non – existent. That feeling went away pretty fast and I’m feeling proud of pushing myself to go workout anyway. You can do it, I believe you and you should defiantly believe in yourself. Just MOVE!




Find a bench or a step. Benches can be found nearly everywhere and it’s great to incorporate in to your workout. Tricep dips, bench hops, box jumps, step ups, push ups, mountain climbers, split squat and toe taps are just a few exercises that can be done with a bench. 

Find some online inspiration. I upload a lot of videos showing my exercises and workouts, as do a lot of other fitness folks. @tntfitnesswa @tanyapoppet (first picture) are two of my favourite Instagram account to follow. Although you might not get a program written out for you for free, they do post a lot of body weight exercises and mini workouts. If you feel confident then gather some exercises from their profiles and put it together, creating your very own workout for free! If that’s not your thing, feel free to contact myself or any fitness professional that will be able to create a program suited for you. I would like to mention that if you are a beginner in exercising and fitness, defiantly find a personal trainer or go to your local gym and get a fitness appraisal. Correct technique is critical and very important for injury prevention, I don’t want you hurting yourself or setting a bad habit by incorrectly performing an exercise you seen online. 

Find a gym near you. As much I want to show you all the body weight exercises in the world. I recommend every now and then attending a class or doing a gym session. I found a gym in Ceduna that offered classes, and had a small gym set up. I did a HIIT session (which ended up only being body weight anyway) but it was great. Cost? Only ten bucks, which is great because these days you will pay $20 easy for a class. Which is out of this world in my opinion. Anyway, I did the class and finished strong with a few back and core exercises. 

Plan your workouts. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. I have been writing my workouts down in my phone the night before, so I wake up and just go. It can be nasty waking up to a program you wrote yourself snuggled up in bed, you’re so confident and decide that 100 burpees is a good idea. Burpees are never a good idea, but just do them ay?!


There are so many different ways to set up your workout. Don’t get stuck in the 10 reps of each exercise with 4 rounds, this can be great but also boring after a while. 

AMRAP – As Many Rounds As Possible. This is great, because you can go as fast or slow through the exercises, just making sure you complete as many rounds as possible for the time given. Pick your exercises, reps and set a time. For example:

10 push ups
10 kick sits
10 broad jumps 
40 mountain climbers
7 minute AMRAP
You have 7 minutes to complete this mini circuit as many times as you possibly can, will you challenge yourself? Or take advantage to the fact there is no set rounds? 

EMOM – Every Minute On the Minute. This format is usually pretty challenging as far as I have experienced. Every minute has a set amount of reps you have to try and complete, if you don’t complete the reps after the minute then you move straight onto the next exercise. Here is 8-minute EMOM.

40 squat jumps
20 burpees
30 explosive start jumps
40 frog squats
3 laps of bear crawls
50 heel taps
20 tricep push ups
40 squat jumps
You might not complete all the reps, if you do then you rest for the remaining minute. For example, I completed the 40 squat jumps in 45 seconds, so I rest for 15 seconds. 

Using a timer - This is great way to go also, just download a timer app and you are set. I use a HIIT interval timer. For example:

Using a timer - This is great way to go also, just download a timer app and you are set. I use a HIIT interval timer. For example:

20 seconds work 10 seconds rest 4 rounds
high knees
squat pulses plank jumps 

The times of work and rest can change to suit your exercises. I love the timer because you only have a set amount of rest, sometimes we begin to feel tired and rest longer. Less rest = improvement in your fitness.  

Circuit – you can use a timer or reps for circuits. I usually like doing 3-4 mini circuits. For example: 

RUN  walking lunges  commandos  sumo squats  1 minute wall sit 
RUN  straddles  plank jumps  sit ups  reverse crunch 
Choose your reps for each exercise and I recommend around 3-5 rounds. 


Over all I think you have to want to exercise and stay fit. Personally, I would be exercising in groups if I could. You learn a lot, have an instructor to correct, encourage and tell you what to do. There are so many benefits training with other people and having a fitness professional design your programs. But that isn’t always the option, if you want it make it work. Watching other people exercise and talk about fitness isn’t going to get you up and moving. There is defiantly a workout or two in this post that you could give a go. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions and always remember to just MOVE. Keep an eye out for more detailed workout videos, they are coming your way! Peace out beautiful people. 
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